Scale Helicopter Flights part 2- IRCHA Jamboree- Radio Control Helicopter Competition

IRCHA Jamboree- Radio Control Helicopter Competition

The International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association (IRCHA) was founded in 1989 by helicopter pilot Don Chapman. IRCHA is a Special Interest Group (SIG) that represents the interests of helicopter pilots within the AMA. IRCHA hosted its first Jamboree in Dayton, Ohio in 1992. The following year the event was held in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. From 1994 through the year 2000, the Jamboree found a home in Hebron, Ohio which is located outside of the city of Columbus. Following the sale of the property in Hebron, Ron Kummer approached the AMA about using the flying site in Muncie for the Jamboree. The Jamboree immediately followed the helicopter world championships in 2001 and despite the tragedy that occurred that September when the airlines shut down, the Jamboree attracted around 200 pilots. The IRCHA Jamboree has been held at AMA headquarters ever since.

This year, aside from the 3D flying (and there was plenty of that!), a pit area and flight station were set aside for scale and vintage helicopter flying. Much to my surprise, this was just to the right of show center. In Peter Wales book on scale helicopter flying he mentions that people get bored with 3D helicopter antics, but if you break out a scale helicopter people will stop what they are doing and watch. This was clearly in evidence as any time one of the larger scale helicopters took to the air the video cameras were rolling and the still cameras (mine included) were clicking away.

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