Shocking moment group of unruly passengers hit, slap & throw food on airline staff as flight delayed

Shocking moment a group of unruly passengers hit, slap and throw food on airline staff after their flight was delayed
Incident happened after a Chinese domestic flight was delayed on April 24
Passengers were enraged after failing to talk to airline representatives
So they savagely attacked a member of staff and slapped a security guard
China has introduced a blacklist after a number of cases of bad behaviour
Shocking footage has shown the moment a group of delayed passengers began to attack airport staff at a Chinese airport.

The group were reportedly taking a Capital Airlines flight to the city of Changsha on Sunday, however their flight was delayed by bad weather, the People's Daily Online reports.

According to reports, the airline's representative declined to meet with them and that's when things turned ugly.
The incident is thought to have taken place at around 8:30pm at Changsha Huanghua International Airport after Capital Airline's flight JD5766 landed later than its scheduled time.

The flight was scheduled to travel from Changchun in north-east China to Changsha in south-west China and was supposed to arrive at 6:10pm.

In the footage, one female member of staff is stood at the desk dealing with passenger complaints.

Things start to escalate and a passenger throws a lunchbox at the woman. She is then seen calling for help.

A member of security then comes to her aid however this woman is also attacked.

A male passenger can be seen slapping her in the face and then continuing to push her away from the desk at the gate.
The footage has caused an outrage on China's social media Weibo.

One user wrote: 'Why hitting people? Does this solve the problem? I'm so angry [watching this].'

Anther user said: 'No matter if they were beating a man or a woman, it's not right.'

However, a third user commented: 'I once got delayed for more than 10 hours at the Nanjing Lukou Airport. [The airline] found so m any excuses, but the other planes continued to take off... After all, passengers are at a disadvantage.'
Rising incomes, relaxed regulations and cheap flights have permitted record numbers of Chinese to travel in recent years. Among other frequent complaints are line-cutting, smoking where banned, littering and fouling public toilets.

Last week, a male passenger was arrested after opening the plane door for some 'fresh air' as the aircraft was getting ready to take off.

The businessman, who has only been identified by his surname, Hu, was travelling on Hainan Airlines flight HU7729 from Hangzhou to Shenyang on April 18 when the incident took place.

He was reportedly experiencing travel sickness and confused a wing emergency door with a window. He had never flown before and thought that no one would notice if he opened it as the plane waited to take off.


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