Should India Still Buy Fourth Generation Rafale Fighters To Take On China’s Fifth Gen Chengdu J-20?

Should India buy a 4th generation Rafale fighter to take On China’s 5th Generation Stealth fighter Chengdu J-20?

India is in the final phase of price negotiation for 36 French Rafale fighters. It is still wise to have last minute thinking while Government crosses the last mile just before India is about to ink the deal. Least we regret later, better be think now if the deal is really worth to maintain strategic balance in the region.

There are two key points of this story. But before you watch further, here is the disclaimer:

Disclaimer: The story is a presentation of an idea rather a different view point in national interest. National Defence in no way is endorsing any product or any company. Mentioning of any particular product or company is mere necessity in order to prove a potential point of view considering national interest.

Aspect 1: Should India really buy Rafale fighter?
Aspect 2: What are the alternatives? Which combat aircraft can provide air superiority and dominance vis-à-vis China’s J-20 or J-31?
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