Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-312/ER | Manchester to Munich *Full Flight*

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On-board the daily Singapore Airlines triple seven from Manchester to Singapore via Munich; where I only travelled as far as Munich. This was my first flight with Singapore Airlines and I was very impressed! Fantastic crew, entertainment and general service. The condition of the aircraft was impeccable. Couldn't resist the opportunity to fly on a 777 for a short, cheap flight! The flight pushed back 6mins ahead of scheduled, then a slow taxi over to RWY23L at MAN, where we took off behind an Air Transat A330. Very powerful departure and steep climb (due to the light weight) straight up to 37,000ft. After a brisk 1 hour 40mins flight we arrived a few minutes early at Munich, which meant our gate was still being occupied by a Lufthansa A340-600. So we waited for about 10mins on the taxi until that was moved to a remote stand for storage for the day, until its long-haul departure later in the evening.

0:33 - Boarding
2:26 - Captain Announcement
3:20 - Pushback & Engine Start *amazing sound!*
7:20 - Taxi & flap selection
15:52 - Take Off RWY23L
24:00 - Luton Airport below
25:50 - South East coast of Britain
28:08 - Entertainment system
29:49 - Pilot Announcement
30:30 - Start of Descent
36:15 - Cloud Surfing
43:00 - Approach
46:30 - Landing RWY26R
50:14 - Waiting for our Gate
51:27 - Lufthansa A340-600 moving out of our gate
54:40 - Arrival on stand
56:18 - Disembarkation walk through
57:06 - Aircraft continues to Singapore

Aircraft: Boeing 777-312/ER
Reg: 9V-SWN
Seat: 38A
Flight Number: SQ327
Date: 14th April 2014
Engine Type: GE90-115B
Departure Time: 09:10 (actual 09:06)
Departure Runway: RWY23L
Arrival Runway: RWY26R
Flight Duration: 1 hour 40mins (approx.)
Cruising Alt: 37,000ft (FL370)
Route: MAN-MUC

Thanks for watching!
Very nice flight, great airline & aircraft. Could've quite easily sat on that all the way to its South Asian hub!



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