Skydock ultralight aircraft from Belite Aircraft funded by KickStart. – Skydock ultralight aircraft from Belite Aircraft funded by KickStart. The SkyDock features lighter weight, lower cost, and a simpler design that sets a new standard for efficient ultralight Part 103 aircraft. Yes, you can follow your dreams and connect to the sky with Belite’s new SkyDock.

We’ve listened to your concerns about price, build time and ease of construction. The SkyDock offers Part 103 legal ultralight flying at an affordable price without sacrificing performance or the technology that is a part of the Belite reputation.

The SkyDock is made from precision CNC cut wood, foam and aluminum. No welding. Composite utilization of fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforcement ensure strength. Count on around 350 hours of build time, all at a very affordable price.

The strutless low-wing design offers efficient, low drag, low speed fun. Wings easily detach for storage or transport. No lift struts, no jury struts, easier assembly, less drag while flying! Wings build quickly – build the
spar, put ribs in place and apply glue!

Performance is efficient, enabled by the very clean design. Various engine options are available. The design is fun to look at and grabs attention. It’s most like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Become a part of the fun!

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