Song ultralight aircraft motor glider from Melody Aircraft – Dan Johnson talks to Gary Steadman about the ultralight motor glider the Song.

The SONG ultralight is manufactured by Airsport s.r.o. located in the heart of the Czech Republic. This area is known worldwide for its development and production of advanced light aircraft. The Song is designed by Marek Ivanov, a leading innovator in the design of ultralight aircraft. The SONG design has been under continuous development over the last 5 years and has been refined to a very high level of performance and to suit the requirements of ultralight aircraft regulations around the world. This is a truly ‘world class’ design that is revolutionizing the way that ultralight aircraft are designed, built and flown.


The Song wings, tail and fuselage are manufactured from aerospace grade carbon-fiber carbon fiber sandwich construction with honeycomb core composite materials by trained aerospace technicians under controlled factory conditions. This results in an exceptionally light and strong construction that is also robust to handle the bumps and scratches of the real world. The carbon composite twin tail booms are stiff and strong to give the Song outstanding maneuverability. The all aluminum articulating undercarriage is compact and rugged.


The streamlined fuselage shape and the elliptical wing planform enable the SONG to be one of the most efficient ultralight aircraft designs on the market today. The Song is able to fly effectively and quickly on smaller engines giving outstanding range with exceedingly low fuel consumption. The SONG is able to fly outstanding distances on small amounts of fuel giving it better capability, versatility and safety than most other aircraft of its type.


The SONG ultralight is uniquely available with three different wing configurations that can be chosen to best match your needs and skills;

Long elliptical wings with ailerons and spoilers – provide highly efficient flight with simplified flight controls for an excellent combination of long range flight and precise descent control.
Long elliptical wings with ailerons and flaps – provide highly efficient flight with exceptional low speed capability utilizing normal flight controls as taught for Recreational or Light Sport pilots.
Short tapered wings with flaperons – provides quicker and more lively flight control in a control configuration that is entirely conventional

The unique looks of the Song are not simply a styling exercise; they are the result of a carefully considered list of design objectives for performance, pilot visibility, safety, efficiency, practicality, ruggedness, convenience of storage, ease of maintenance and, of course, good looks. These factors will mean that the SONG will never go out of style and that this design will still be as practical and good looking many years from now. Video and Audio content is Copyright © Sport Aviation Magazine. This video and audio material may not be reproduced in any form without written permission.

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