Southwest Airlines 737-700 Flight MHT-MCO

Welcome aboard my first flight in awhile! This time my family and I board a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. This was a new experience for me for many reasons. It was my first time flying out of Manchester N.H. It was my first time flying on Southwest and it was my first time going back to Disney almost 13 years (so it was practically my first time). When we arrived at MHT I was greeted by a aircraft I have only seen documentaries about...It was Donald Trumps private Boeing 757-200! I was able to get several good shots of the "flying mansion" from the terminal building and onboard our aircraft. Our aircraft was one of the more elder 737-700's in the Southwest fleet being almost 17 years old! It had previously flown for the now defunct Braathens before being handed down to Southwest. When we got aboard the airplane the first thin we noticed was the smell of "new leather".... the airplane had just recently undergone a retrofit of the cabin and it looked great! Legroom aboard the plane was decent. I was sitting next to an elderly couple on this flight and I decided not to be a bother to them and instead of putting my backpack in the overhead bin, I just put it under my seat. Once we pushed back we were quick to taxi to the runway and take off. The climb was a little choppy with the occasional drop and that amazing feeling as your stomach goes up into your mouth 😉 The overall flight was very enjoyable. I couldn't get the wifi to work so I just sat there and listened to music and looked out the window for the most part. Upon our initial decent into MCO, we flew along the coast of Florida before turning inland towards Orlando and Central Florida. The final approach and landing was nothing but smooth with a slight application to the speed brakes as we slowed down on the runway at MCO. While taxiing to our gate we passed several "heavy" jets that fly into MCO on a regular basis, including several Virgin Atlantic B744's, a British Airways B772ER, a Thomas Cook A332, and some assorted Delta jets. After deplaning we proceed to the tram system that would take us to the main terminal. I did do some spotting while waiting for the train to come. Since we were staying in a Disney resort, our bags were taken by hotel staff from the aircraft to our resort, so we did not need to go to the baggage claim at MCO, we just went to the Magical Express that took us to our resort.


Airline: Southwest Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 737-705(WL)
Aircraft Registration: N271LV
Aircraft Delivery: 9/25/98 - To Braathens - 6/29/02 - To Ford Motor Company - 10/17/06 - To SWA
MSN: 29090
Engines: 2x CFM56-7
Origin: Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT)
Destination: Orlando International Airport (MCO)
Aircraft Info:

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