Special Czech Hind MI-24/35 Helicopters – Royal International Air Tattoo 2015 Day 2

The Czech Air Force displayed two of their M1-24/35 Hind helicopters during the Royal International Air Tattoo 2015. Both are shown here. The first appeared in the static line up at the western end of the airfield and was painted and marked in a special scheme to commemorate the Czech Air Force pilots who served in RAF Coastal Commands No. 311 Squadron during World War 2. The aircraft scheme depicted was that of a Consolidated Liberator Mk.VI ‘K/PP’ of 311 Squadron. You can read more about this here -


The second Hind appeared in the flying display and is shown here on the second day of the show.

A feared symbol of Soviet military might during the Cold War, the Mil Mi-24 - given the NATO codename 'Hind' - first flew in 1969. This battlefield gunship helicopter became a mainstay of the Warsaw Pact, and would have helped spearhead a Soviet military advance on Western Europe had conflict broken out. Czechoslovakia was one of its users at that time, and the Czech Air Force continues to operate a potent 'Hind' fleet, largely providing close support to soldiers on the ground. On strength with the 221st Helicopter Squadron at Náměšť nad Oslavou is a mixture of Mi-24V and newer Mi-35 versions, the latter being the designation applied to export variants.

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