SportCruiser, light sport aircraft from U.S. Sport Aircraft – Sportcruiser – Dan Johnson gives us a quick look at the SportCruiser, light sport aircraft from U.S. Sport Aircraft during the Midwest LSA Show / Expo Mt. Vernon Airport,100 Aviation Way Mt. Vernon Illinois.

U.S. Sport Aircraft Importing represents the popular SportCruiser, one of the best selling Special Light-Sport Aircraft among 130 models on the market. The Texas-headquartered importer has long represented this familiar model.

Having achieved an extra measure of fame when aviation legacy company Piper Aircraft adopted the SportCruiser as their own SLSA (calling it the PiperSport), U.S. Sport Aircraft Importing is now the sole distributor and enjoying solid sales and happy customers. As the sole distributor for manufacturer Czech Sport Aircraft, U.S. Sport Aircraft Importing covers all of America from their base in Texas. Because the company was associated with the LSA before, during, and since Piper’s involvement, aviators drawn to this popular low-wing all-metal Light-Sport Aircraft will continue to deal with the same experienced people for service.

U.S. Sport Aircraft Importing is composed of a pool of aviation talent, lead by Don Ayers who can often be found working the company’s exhibit at airshows. U.S. Sport Aircraft Importing operates at multiple locations but funnels all contacts to their centrally-located Addison, Texas location 972-735-9099. The company says, “At U.S. Sport Aircraft Importing, we pride ourselves in providing the very best in maintenance, warranty repair, and parts support. Through our U.S. warehouses, most popular SportCruiser and PiperSport parts are available next day.” They can maintain Light-Sport Aircraft to light twin aircraft

SportCruiser exhibits excellent handling qualities, doing particular well at very slow flying speeds where ailerons remain quite effective. Adverse yaw is low and harmony between all controls is very good. A spirited climb comes from the standard 100-hp Rotax 912 engine that also helps deliver a long range on 30 gallons of fuel. Creature comforts include a spacious 45-inch cockpit and standard leather seats. Rudder pedals adjust to fit a wide range of occupant sizes. An unusually generous baggage area makes traveling by SportCruiser not only swift but comfortable. It is little wonder that SportCruiser has risen steadily in the rankings to its present high position. To this day Piper officials had high praise for the SportCruiser and since its arrival in the USA, an owners group has also assembled to support SportCruiser pilots.

U.S. Sport Aircraft Importing LLC

Web Site:
Address: 4700 Airport Drive
City: Addison, TX 75001 USA
Phone: (972) 735-9099

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