Spotlight: RealFlight RF7.5 R/C Flight Simulator

No other R/C simulator captures the experience of flying as completely and accurately as RealFlight, and RF7.5 raises the bar even higher! Among RF7.5’s innovations is a first for RealFlight: a wireless transmitter interface. RealPhysics™ technology has been further refined to recreate the nuances of multi-rotor aircraft — and speaking of quadcopters, there are several popular designs in RF7.5 that you can fly in any of the over 30 flying sites as well as in new Challenges. RF7.5 makes learning and honing R/C flying skills easy and fun, and because it’s so true to life, you’ll fly confidently and instinctively at the field!

Multi-Rotor Physics: Multi-rotor aircraft is the hottest category in R/C, and RF7.5 has a dozen different models for you to choose from! RealFlight recreates the unique flying characteristics of these fun flying machines down to the last detail.

Wireless SLT Transmitter Interface: It’s a first for RealFlight, and a great option for using the same SLT transmitter you take to the field! Simply plug the dongle into your computer’s USB port; a setup window helps you quickly configure your radio. And because it’s wireless, you’re not tethered to your PC!

Scavenger Hunt Pilot Challenge: A new RF Challenge that employs multi-rotor aircraft and physics, this game-like event tests your piloting skills. Score points and complete stages to unlock more difficult levels.

“Ghost Run” Feature: Available on all Pilot Challenges, it allows you to compete against your best times — shown as a “ghosted” version of your aircraft — to reach higher personal bests.

Learn more about RealFlight RF7.5 by visiting its product page at

GPMZ4520 RF7.5 InterLink Elite Controller Edition
GPMZ4524 RF7.5 Wireless SLT Transmitter Interface Edition
GPMZ4525 RF7.5 Wired Transmitter Interface Edition
GPMZ4526 RF7.5 Tactic TTX610 Radio Edition
GPMZ4528 Upgrade to RF7.5 (Software only)


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