Spraying Over Woodward Oklahoma 7-15-13

Dear Government Leaders:

GeoEngineering causes Climate Change--During your next visit to Oklahoma, Please Look Up... and ask yourself if the clouds you see are natural or artificial. You are probably looking at "aircraft-induced cloudiness" caused by persistent contrails, most likely intentionally created by GeoEngineering, for SRM (Solar Radiation Management).

Scientific literature confirms that "normal" contrails are created when jet aircraft pass through the moist and cold atmosphere, but some Americans refer to these peculiar persistent condensation trails as "Chemtrails" and believe their chemical content will adversely affects human health, drinking water, crops and animals when the residues sprayed from the aircraft falls to earth.

I do not consent to these activities and want to clearly voice my objection to these conditions, ask you to investigate what has been happening, let me know what you learn, and fight on my behalf to end this program immediately.

GeoEngineers openly state that SRM and aerosol spray programs including USpatent US5003186 is created expressly to block the sun by adding aluminum oxide and other reflective particles to the atmosphere through the use of aviation aerosol spray techniques- John P Holdren, President Obama's science czar has announced his support for GeoEngineering.

We rely on the government to ensure the cleanliness of our air, water and soil, and to regulate and prevent any intentional dumping of toxic chemicals or harmful particulates into our atmosphere for any reason.

Petition to end GeoEngineering, weather modification, SRM and stratospheric aerosol spray programs IMMEDIATELY.

Pursuant to the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, I wish to petition my government for redress of grievances.
Those who operate or direct operation of aircraft that intentionally emit aerosol spray, or directly inject particulate matter into the airspace above my community are intentionally creating persistent cloudiness and atmospheric toxification of our air, soil and water. They are also blocking the Earth and its people from natural sunlight by clouding the atmosphere, while creating conditions that endanger our health, economic prospects, and a right to live under an unaltered natural sky.

I fear such persistent contrails are altering the climate intentionally, posing a health hazard for all living things by exposure to the particulates and chemicals intentionally added. The use of these compounds contaminates our drinking water, soil, and the very air that we breathe. I believe the aviation practices responsible for such persistent contrails and aviation-induced cloudiness violate the local, state, regional, and national laws and regulations where I live and violate my inalienable rights, "that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness".

Further, to the extent that any flights by aircraft engaged in the above mentioned programs and practices in skies above my community and elsewhere are undertaken by persons and entities not governed by the country wherein I reside, such flights are in violation of the United Nations Charter, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Montreal Protocol and other international laws, as they reduce the capacity of the atmosphere to provide conditions for continued life.

Experimentation with and/or implementation of GeoEngineering, SRM (Solar Radiation Management), weather modification, climate manipulation, stratospheric aerosol spray programs, and/or intentional creation of persistent contrails along with the cloudiness they create must stop immediately. I hereby petition you to use all the authority at your disposal to bring about an end to the aforementioned activities, and to ask all knowledgable governments, individuals and/or entities involved in the foregoing practices to comprehensively explain to the public what has happened to our clear blue sky.

I do sign this petition and request that you take these actions swiftly and with full force to the maximum extent of your authority and frequently report to me and to other petitioners by any appropriate public means as to any progress achieved to end persistent contrails and aviation-induced cloudiness.

This petition is signed and submitted electronically in accordance with the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. Bill Messick Oklahoma 73801 2013-06-14


Air Charter

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