Super low jet aircraft flyby scares the hell out of the crowd by Roy Dawson Realtor video BUYING OR SELLING A HOME IN THE DFW AREA. HOW LOW CAN YOU GO, WE CALL IT JET LIMBO! THIS HAPPEN IN 1991 AT A PRIVATE AIRSHOW NEAR DALLAS.THE JET PILOTS LOST THEIR LICENSES. NOT SUPPOSE TO DO THIS WITH THE SPECTATORS STANDING NEXT TO RUNWAY PEOPLE NEARLY GET HIT.SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF PEOPLE If you are buying or selling a home in the Dallas DFW area visit our website. Do you feel that your agent in not using an aggressive enough marketing plan? What about communication with your agent. These are the 2 top complaints. We have a Communication Guarantee and an Aggressive 89 point Marketing Plan just for you!

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Communication Guarantee: The number one complaint with Realtors is not communicating with their client. That will not happen with the Dawson Team. We contact all our clients once a week by ph, email. If we fail to call you we have to pay you $250 dollars.
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This is a perfect example why you need The Dawson Team. Video Marketing Works!

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