Swiss Air Airbus A321-111 | Zurich to London Heathrow *Full Flight* + Touch & Go!

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Quite an eventful journey home from Zurich to say the least. Due to Storm Imogen arriving in the UK, particularly the South including London bringing storm force winds with gusts up to 80mph and stronger in coastal reasons flights in & out of London were heavily disrupted. In actual fact I was due to fly on LX456 an Helvetic ERJ190 from Zurich to London City Airport, however after boarding we waiting for half an hour only to be told that due to the conditions in London we would be cancelled and passengers rebooked onto a Heathrow flight. So that's what happened to me, I ended up on this aircraft, flight LX332 to Heathrow. After boarding flight was given an ATC restriction due to the weather and Heathrow only accepting 25 arrivals per hour. So we waited a further 30mins onboard before engine start. After departure flight was quite uneventful until descent, approach & landing. The captain had announced before descent that it was likely to be turbulent and he certainly wasn't kidding. A very choppy descent and rough approach towards Heathrow over central. Engines increasing up to high power several times during the approach and being thrown around quite violently at times. Just as we approach Heathrow on short final, we were hit with a strong gust causing the aircraft to rock quite violently as well as windshear which caused one of our main landing gears to impact the runway, rather firmly before we aborted and took off away from Heathrow again! Fantastic display of skill by the flight crew, unbelievable efforts in the intense weather. The 15 minutes it took to circle and approach again was extremely rough, as you can see on video. Lots of shaking around and the engines were up and down from high power many times! Sounded fantastic, but rather unnerving for some very frightened passengers by this time. However the second landing went perfectly, a wobbly approach still in the high winds but a perfect touch down much to everyone's relief, lots of people clapping with gratitude to be down safe & sound.

Aircraft: Airbus A321-111
Seat: 6F
Flight Number: LX332
Date: Monday 8th February 2016
Engine Type: 2 x CFMI CFM56-5B1
Departure Time: 12:05 (actual 14:10)
Arrival Time: 13:00 (actual 14:55)
Departure Runway: RWY16
Arrival Runway: RWY27L
Flight Duration: 1 hour 45mins (approx.)
Cruising Alt: 36,000ft (FL360)
Route: ZRH-LHR

Overall, a very good flight, great service by Swiss but one very turbulent landing, very scary for passengers (But good fun for me!)

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