Terrific Flight – TENERIFE Airport Disaster – Pan Am 1736 | KLM 4805

Terrific Flight: Tenerife is a tropical island of the Canary Islands, Spain is located off the northwestern Africa. Not only is known as a "paradise" where the earth with 5 million visitors each year, the name was associated with the Tenerife crash the worst aviation history, also known as Tenerife disaster. The incident took place in March and 37 years ago in Tenerife North Airport - formerly known as Los Rodeos airport. 2 Boeing 747 aircraft carrying a total of 644 passengers and crew crashed into each other at the runway, killing 583, injuring 61 people. This is also the number of accidents have killed more people in the history of aviation.

This video will narrate events and find out the cause of the tragedy in Tenerife.

Each plane crash are derived from one or more causes. It can be listed as the cause of terrorism, maintenance errors, bad weather, technical failures, due to pilot error ... but the crash in Tenerife meet most of these factors.

The KLM 4805 collided with Pan Am 1736. Although the aircraft nose landing gear before of the KLM 4805 has passed but the fuselage was ripped starboard fuselage of Pan Am 1736 . 2 landing gear and two right engines of KLM 4805 impaled on the floor of the Pan Am 1736. Although KLM 4805 is still working forward after collision but the crash was so severe that the engine number 1 outside on the right and crashed out of the KLM 4805, metal debris being sucked into the engine number 2 inside right and destroyed almost the entire wing. KLM 4805 aircraft quickly lost control and crashed into a runway collision location 150m and continue to slide further 300 m length. With full fuel, Boeing 747 of KLM 4805 quickly caught fire and exploded.


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