Texas City Dike Road / Colony of Seagulls Resting on the Beach / Fishing in Texas City, TX (part 1)

Texas City Dike Road / Colony of Seagulls Resting on the Beach / Fishing in Texas City, TX (part 1)

This is long road where people go fishing or stay at the beach. There were also people swimming, have picnic or sun bathing. There is a fishing pier. There were a lot of big cargo boats that pass by. There were fishing boats, ships, speed boats, jet skis. You can go strolling by the beach or biking. Across the dike is Galveston, TX and Bolivar Island. We saw some dolphins jumping but I didn’t get a chance to take a picture or video. There were a colony of seagulls that were just resting on the beach. It was a beautiful day. You can see the sunny blue sky on the video. The beach is on both sides of the road.

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