Thai Airways TG326 : Flying from Bengaluru to Bangkok

My first ever time on Thai Airways, flying from Bengaluru to Bangkok. This was a great flight on Thai Airways and I'd rate Thai as one of the best airlines I've flown on.

Today's flight time was 3 hrs and 50 min with actual flying time being less than three hours. Scheduled departure time was 00:35 past midnight, local time, with scheduled arrival time being 05:55 in the morning at Bangkok, local time. 55A was my seat on this flight at the rear economy cabin on the right side.

The Aircraft for this flight wasn't HS-TJE as said in the video. Oops. It was actually HS-TJC,"Nakhon Nayok", a 777-200.

Thai really surprised me on this flight as I wasn't expecting much because I thought TG's 772's didn't have AVOD IFE or comfortable seats. The ambiance on board was great and really set the tone for the whole flight. The seat was greatly comfortable with sufficient legroom, but the IFE box (seen in the video) took away most of the space, negating the aspect of comfort. The meal on this flight was good and the portions were satisfactory as well. The IFE was top notch and the selection was wide with quality content and a user friendly interface as well. Finally, the crew on this flight were great as well with the only thing being they seemed a bit tired and down, maybe from the previous flight.

Seat 9
Meal 8.5
Crew 8.5

Experience rating : 8.75/10

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