The Air Hogs Red Sharp Shooter Remote Control Helicopter Toy Makes an Exciting Gift

It's no surprise that remote control helicopters are getting more and more popular nowadays, especially since the new technology has made flying them a breeze. But now the Air Hogs Red Sharp Shooter has taken RC helicopters to a whole new level this year. This little wonder can actually fire missiles! Whether playfully terrorizing their siblings, or perfecting their aiming and co-ordination on static targets, your child will adore this new helicopter toy.

Air Hogs is an impressive name in the world of Remote Controlled vehicles, and have made motorbikes, rockets, planes and helicopters since they started out in 1999. Over a decade of work had given them quite a following, and for god reason: their products are always quality and now they are more fun to use than ever thanks to the recent stabilizing technology that they have utilized on their helicopters. The more stable your flight, the more fun you will have, especially when you're distracted by lining up to shoot your targets with the missile system. Able to hover perfectly and easy to use, this makes the Air Hogs Red Sharp Shooter perfect for children of all ages, even those younger than the age 8 recommendation and is a perfect stepping stone to learning how to fly bigger or more expensive helicopters.

So what is this missile system? Well it's simple but effective: there are two missile systems that you can use. Each of the two missiles fire independently, so you can have more time flying without having to stop to run after your deployed missiles. A red LED locator helps you line up your shot and lock on to your target. Then you just press a simple button on the remote control. Miss and you can turn around and use your second shot to get it again. Then, when it's all deployed, take it down for a smooth landing a lock n' load for your next try.

Kids love a good battle, so it's easy to see how this toy helicopter could be very popular as a gift. Kids could set up a target range in their room to fire at and test their accuracy, although it's worth noting that - kids being kids- the Red Sharp Shooter is just as likely to go flying after siblings and family pets as 'targets' than it is firing at tin cans and cushions, so make sure that you're around to supervise and manage any mischief. The most fun can be had when you team it up with another Air Hogs Red Sharp Shooter and start a dog fight to the death. Luckily the Air Hogs Red Sharp Shooter is durable enough o handle a little damage of it gets shot out of the air.

In short, the Air Hogs Red Sharp Shooter is an exciting product that will spark the imaginations and creativity of children everywhere and this remote control flying helicopter toy will make a really great gift they'll enjoy over and over again this year.

Source by James McBrendenson

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