The Best First Class airline seats in the world revealed

The cheapest price for a one-way ticket with survey toppers Singapore Airlines in their Singapore suite will set you back £2,053 ($3,324) for a flight from Singapore to Mumbai.
For that, you'll be served 2004 Dom Pérignon, provided with pyjamas to sleep in and sit on an spacious armchair hand-stitched by Italian craftsmen - their most leg room friendly design to date.
When it came to overall 'rockstar' status - one of the categories judged - Singapore suites came out as the overall winner too and offer a double bed option.
Comparatively, Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific's cheapest one way first class ticket - who came second - costs just £440 ($713), but you'll need to fly from Hong Kong to Taiwan to bag it.
Choose them and, according to Flightfox, you'll enjoy five star food and drink service.
Cathay Pacific serve Krug Grand Cuvée champagne, an la carte menu and freshly steamed rice, toast and eggs cooked to your personal specifications.
The most expensive best-priced first class flight, according to the survey, is flying between Tokyo and LA with Japanese airline ANA, and will set you back at least £5,835.
Emirates, known for deluxe treatment, came third and slings it all on. You'll get pyjamas, use of a limousine, an in-flight shower to freshen up, an onboard bar, caviar and Dom Pérignon champagne for flying first.
When it comes to value-for-first-class-ticket-price Emirates scored forth overall, with their cheapest flight taking you from Auckland to Brisbane for £509 ($824).
Fourth and fifth place went to Etihad and Lufthansa respectively. Etihad's cheapest ticket costs £563 ($911, United Arab Emirates to Mumbai) whereas Lufthansa's best deal is £3,409 ($5,520) for a first class ticket from South Africa to Germany.
Though pricey, Lufthansa climbed higher in the ratings thanks to five star scores for seat configuration, size (a two-metre-long flat-bed) and food and wine. They serve Krug Gande Cuvée champagne, canapes, caviar and food designed by Michelin-starred chefs.

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