The Best Time To Book Cheap Flights To Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. This city boasts of beautiful canals that run through the city, fabulous shopping districts and magnificent architectural landscape. The people in Amsterdam are also very friendly and majority of the locals can speak English fluently. When you book flights to Amsterdam, you will never run out of things to do in this city. If you are a fan of history and culture, you can visit the numerous museums all over the city. If you love the nightlife then there are also plenty of clubs and bars in Amsterdam.

When booking your flights to Amsterdam, weather is a very important consideration. You have to book your flights to Amsterdam at a time when the weather is perfect. It would be such a waste of time and money to spend on a vacation when you will just be cooped up in your hotel room because it is impossible to go out because of the bad weather.

To have a clear idea on when you should book cheap flights to Amsterdam, you should know about the weather and climate in the city. Amsterdam generally has a maritime climate that is moderate. The winters are cool while the summers are very mild. The coldest months in Amsterdam are between January and February so it is best not to book your cheap flights to Amsterdam during these months. The days tend to be shorter during the winter months. In December, Amsterdam only gets about 8 hours of daylight. You may not be able to visit many tourist spots within those short daylight hours.

During the coldest part of the winter the temperature can drop to as low as -1°C so it may get too cold to go outside for some sightseeing. This kind of low temperatures may be unbearable for some tourists who come from countries with warm climates. The temperature can get low enough to freeze the waters in the canals and when that happens, the canals become an instant ice skating rink for the locals and tourists alike. Amsterdam in the winter is breathtaking with its snow-covered landscape. However, you should only book cheap flights to Amsterdam during the winter if you can tolerate the cold weather.

The summer months in the city are the best time to book cheap flights to Amsterdam. The warmest weather in Amsterdam is usually experienced in July and August. At this time, the average temperature is at 22°C. The weather is mild and not too warm to roam around the city drenched in sweat. It is a perfect time for sightseeing and touring around the city.

If your reason for booking cheap flights to Amsterdam is to see the city's famous tulips then the best time to go would be between May to August. When you book your cheap flights to Amsterdam at around this time, you will get to see the breathtaking beauty of the tulips in full bloom.

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