The Epic British Airways Boeing 747-400 SPECIAL! HEATHROW PLANE SPOTTING Flight Arrivals Departures

This flight documentary/Plane Spotting, Arrivals, Landing and Departures footage is a MUST WATCH!
The definitive record of the British Airways Boeing 747-400.
British Airways and the Boeing 747, you cannot possibly imagine one without the other, like Fish and Chips, these 2 things together, are what has helped to make Heathrow Airport the special place that it is. Read Below….
The footage shows all the early BA 747-400’s in a variety of different shots, with various other 747 and A380.
This video is the most complete record to date of the British Airways Jumbo.
G-BNLA / G-BNLC Delivery Day 0:34
G-BNLE Takeoff 1:35
G-BNLF Landing and Wet Runway Takeoff 3:09
G-BNLG Parked and Takeoff with Cathay Pacific 747 6:05
G-BNLI Oneworld Livery Landing 7:50
G-BNLJ Tail Closeup 8:59
G-BNLK Takeoff 12:50
G-BNLL With Emirates A380 15:10
G-BNLM 2 BA 747-400’s depart together 16:06
G-BNLN With the Old Heathrow Tower 18:35
G-BNLO With Qantas/Emirates A380 19:09
G-BNLP With Thai 747-400 22:59
G-BNLR Taxiing and Parallel Landing with BA 744 24:51
G-BNLS Takeoff Tail Closeup 25:43
G-BNLT Takeoff with BA 767-300/Oneworld 744 26:33
G-BNLU EXTREME Tail Closeup 30:39
G-BNLV Landing 32:02
G-BNLW Takeoff 33:12
G-BNLX Takeoff Closeup 35:40
G-BNLY With BA A380 and Air India 787 37:24
G-BNLZ Takeoff 38:48

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