VLOG EP. 125

gera – Morning Walk

Unfortunately my Gopro Hero 4 lens broke when it fell off the table. Gopro tried to make me buy a new Cam with a discount saying the Gopro cannot be fixed. Well here is how to fix a gopro lens. Gopro shouldn’t try to scam their customers into buying a new cam when it can be fixed at a low price! If you liked this gopro lens fix hit that thumbs up button 🙂 Once you know how to fix a gopro lens you will never worry about your lens breaking again.

If you are a Vienna Blogger, an Austrian Youtuber, a miami beach youtuber, a miami vlogger, a miami beach vlogger, an inspirational youtuber, a vienna youtuber get in contact because we are looking for the top austrian youtuber and the to miami youtuber to collaborate with 🙂

I’m Mike and this is my channel MAKING IT HAPPEN. I am a daily vlogger from Europe. I currently run and own a specialty coffee shop and advertising agency. I vlog about my journey of launching a company in the States and making our dreams come true. Our journey to MAKING IT HAPPEN. We stayed at the Hotel Daniel Vienna which is absolutely aweseome if you ever need to stay somewhere in Vienna go there 🙂

If you are a austrian blogger a blogger from vienna or a austrian youtuber please contact me – maybe there are some awesome projects we can work on together.
Wenn du ein Ă–sterreichischer youtuber oder österreichischer blogger bist, kontaktiere mich – eventuell können wir gemeinsam ein paar Projekte umsetzten.

I love to keep fit, eat fantastic food and to share our success story. With this channel I want to encourage other to also realize their dreams and goals and maybe find the courage to start a business and share how to be successful.

During my daily activities I share things like:
How to start a business
How to run a business
How to be successful
How to be an entrepreneur
How to stay healthy
How to book cheap airfare
Workout routines
and much more.

We currently have a space in South Beach and travel back and forth between there and Austria.

Subscribe to my channel and follow me on Instagram – lets embark on this mission together!

Frequently asked questions:

What camera do you film with?
My main camera is a Canon 80D and Canon G7x but I film other stuff with my Canon 6D and my Gopro

What are my top 5 tipps for starting a business?

How to stay motivated?


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