The Navy’s X47B UCAV Drone completes first ever autonomous aerial refueling

►The Navy X47B UCAV Drone completes first ever autonomous aerial refueling

►The X-47B successfully completed the first autonomous flight refueling (AAR) of a drone on April 22 to complete the goal of the final test in the demonstration program Unmanned Combat Air System Marine.

The Northrop Grumman X-47B is unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) designed for carrier operations. Powered by Northrop Grumman, the X-47 project was launched as part of the J-UCAS program of DARPA and now forms part of the Unmanned Combat Air System Demonstration US Marine Programme (UCAS-D). The X-47B is a jet flying wing tail capable of operating semi-autonomous aerial refueling.

While flying off the coast of Maryland and Virginia, the X-47B connected to a K-707 Omega cistern and received more than 4,000 pounds of fuel using the method of the probe and funnel.

During the test, the X-47B exchanged refueling refueling messages designed by the government Interface System (RIS) on board the ship. The plane autonomous maneuver your fixed refueling probe truncated cone of the tank, also known as the basket, the same way a Navy pilot would refuel a manned aircraft.

In recent years, the Navy has taken several steps with the X-47B showed the Navy’s commitment to unmanned aircraft carrier. With the completion of this program, the service continues to develop its future on the support base of the unmanned platform known UCLASS.

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