The Ocean – Original Composition by Yvonne Bauwens Music

We all have a favourite place to escape the busyness and rush of life. It may be a calm spot at the foot of a sky-touching tree, a majestic view from the hill top, a quiet café just outside town or, if you're like me, while sitting on the beach staring at the ocean is where I find my peace.

Estonia has become like a second home. Should I have been able to master the language to their high standard, I might be living there but for now, it will remain to be my land of escape.

At least once a year, with just a small rucksack, I venture to new areas of this compact but picturesque country. Welcomed by a 100' roasting in the sauna and cool swims in the lakes, woodland walks and meeting up with dear and lovely people, you can see the attraction! As very flat land which is mostly surrounded by sea, it is ideal for excellent internet connection, but I'm not there for that kind of connection. A disconnection from my life in Scotland is what I’m after! It is here that I can just be the 'me' seeking a new breath of fresh air. While sitting on the beach staring at the waters, I am at peace; refreshed and revitalised! My adventures bring a much-needed sense of new life; a boost, a hope, an escape!

With flat landscapes come vast skyscapes! There was once a Scot who visited Estonia. On arrival and discovering the lack of mountains, he complained that there was nothing to see. When the Estonian visited Scotland and witnessed skylines decorated with munros, he complained that he couldn’t see anything as there were too many mountains in the way!

As a Scot, I love the mountains but when in Estonia, I admire their massive skies! Immense and filled with cloud formations rarely seen in Scotland, I look forward to these new masterpieces!

Elu on ilus! Life is beautiful! It is though, only as beautiful as we choose to see it.

The photographs in this video were taken on a quiet beach on the outskirts of Tallinn. Although the capital city, there are countless beautiful and peace-filled spots where one can relax.

There's a quote I like reminding us to stop and breathe:
'Everyday, we should sit in nature for 30 minutes and if we're busy, for an hour.'

Nobody can work, work, and work. Ok, we can, but we might find ourselves in an early grave! We were designed to rest and often crave that much-needed break. I highly recommend a holiday to Estonia (cheap flights, too! 😉 ) but wherever your escape zone is, do take time to stop and be refreshed. God freely offers peace and calm yet so few realise His gift. I invite you, at the end of your busy day or week, to switch off for at least 15 minutes through this music. If I could teleport you to Pirita's soft-sand beach outside Tallinn, I would, but until your passport leads you there, may my photos be accepted as a meagre substitute! Soak up the warmth of the Estonian summer sun and give yourself that much-needed peace and rest.

Some music takes months to create, other times, like with this piece, I sit at the piano and just play whatever flows. There's little chance I can perform it again but that's ok. For those moments of peace and release, not everything needs to be remembered note for note. (I'm just glad I hit ‘record’!)

Dear friends, sit back, relax and switch off listening to the gentle and soothing waters of 'The Ocean'.



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