The Pelican ‘Flying Boat’ Amphibious Aircraft- Extreme Dirt Application

The PELICAN-4 is a twin-engine Multi-Utility, Amphibious Seaplane, entirely made of advanced composite material.

It's easy to operate features allow it to be operated from the water surface, snow or unprepared land, poor runways, asphalt or concrete strips without requiring at all any specific aviation or marine infrastructure.

The design of the seaplane allows quick dismantling of the wings and transporting on a ship or trailer car, ensuring easy delivery in other regions, effective coordination with the aviation authorities for its intended operations without complex logistics.

The Pelican-4 has two Austrian made ROTAX-914 engines which use automobile fuel (Petrol) and NOT Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF).

These flying boats have a range of 1200 kms.

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