The Spirit of Flight-2 minutes of ultra low level flying magic- 2-3 feet above ocean waves/tree tops

Learn how to fly series

Condensed into two minutes- this is my low level (2-3 feet above ocean waves and tree tops) ultralight flight from yesterday evening which encapsulates the real Spirit & Passion of Flight- enjoy!

Ultralights operator- Skyrider Ultralights at Camarillo, CA; CFI- Chief Pilot- Mike Chicco

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Disclaimer- these videos are meant to educate, inspire and entertain- However, these videos do not under any circumstances replace taking actual lessons with a Certified Flight Instructor in the specific aircraft yourself in person until proficient and safe and I do not take any responsibility for any actions taken learnt from instructions in these videos that (God forbid) may lead to any incidents or accidents in the future with anyone else- fly safe everyone and blue skies!


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