The Video Borescope is Unveiled!

In the past, the video borescope has been so expensive that it has only been used for aircraft maintenance. The object of these highly accurate pieces of equipment is simple; they allow the user to inspect tight areas that they otherwise wouldn't be able to reach using any other instrument. The high price of these instruments however has kept them out of the general public's hands until only very recently. RF System Lab, a Japanese company, has created a video borescope that your everyday maintenance engineer will be able to afford regardless of what industry they are in.

Although the VJ video borescope has only been released in 2009 it has already had a fairly successful run in a series of tradeshows all over the United States. A few of the more noteworthy exhibits have taken place in the following cities: Novi, Michigan; Kansas City, Missouri; Seattle, Washington; Anaheim California; San Antonia, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; Phoenix, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada; Columbus Ohio; Norfolk, Virginia; and Orlando Florida.

RF System Lab has specialized in mostly medical imaging equipment where they have gained quite a bit of experience developing the micro lens, an essential part of the video borescope. This new model offers all the important features one would come to expect but with a price tag that many more people will be able to afford.

The VJ video borescope has an interesting composition featuring an insertion tube with a 6.9mm diameter. Like all video scopes, it uses a CCD chip to transmit the images which is located on the tip of the insertion tube. It has a 4 way articulation that may be controlled using a joystick which allows the viewer to look in all directions. To make the instrument even more convenient and easy to use, it has a built in monitor that allows you to view the images and even a processor that makes it possible to capture still shots and video so it can be viewed later.

While similar models of video borescope have been on the market for some time now, the VJ is different in that it will be affordable by a much larger volume of people. In fact, the prices have been as high as $12,000 to $40,000. So you can see why the VJ being offered at a price as low as $6,000 would be attractive to a lot of consumers. They are also offering a model with a 3M long insertion tube at a slightly higher price. Also convenient about this product is its light weight and easy transportability. The creators at RF System Lab are pleased that many industrial maintenance technicians are going to be having a much easier time on the job now that this product has been introduced.

Source by Pieter West

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