The world’s most-loved airlines on TripAdvisor

The world's most-loved airlines on TripAdvisor When everything on Earth has been shared and reviewed on social media, it's time to take to the skies. While we used to wait until the plane touched down before we began logging our vacation's every meal, every hotel and every landmark, the launch this month of TripAdvisor's new airline reviews service means the sharing starts at check-in. Harnessing the power of its global community of 350 million users, the new platform features flight reviews from 48 countries in 29 languages and covers every major carrier worldwide. As well as rating flights in eight categories, including legroom, seat comfort, and food and beverage, and in-flight entertainment, reviewers can upload photos. Be it a limp salad, scandalously scanty legroom, or chewing-gum left on a seatback, it all gets mercilessly documented. Read More"We're quickly becoming one of the largest places to find airline imagery and cabin content in the world," says Bryan Saltzburg, SVP and General Manager of Global Flights Business at TripAdvisor."It really helps consumers see what they're going to get."Flight-by-flight analysisBut rather than the rants that might be expected, Saltzburg says the reviews typically "skew positive, 3.7 on average."Most posts are "quite well-rounded. When there's a delay it's about how well the airline handled the delay."The feature his team is most proud of, however, is FlyScore (currently in beta). Individual flights -- rather than airlines -- are given a one-to-10 score based on traveler reviews, the quality of the aircraft, in-flight amenities and the duration of the itinerary. "It's different by route," explains Saltzburg. "So many different carriers fly different routes and different aircraft" and the seats, legroom, entertainment and Wi-Fi options can vary greatly from plane to plane."It's to "help customers understand the true trade-offs they're making when they're choosing between their flights in a real live display." TripAdvisor's new platform doesn't give an overall ranking for airline performance worldwide. "I don't believe there's a tried and true leader every single time in every single market that's consistent, and static," says Saltzburg. "Flying and shopping availability is dynamic and our system is just as dynamic to make sure you get a very granular assessment of all aspects, including aircraft, and airline, down to the type of seat you're going to be in."But with all that in mind, there are still airlines that are winning at the flight reviews game.As of July 22, there are 34 airlines with a top-of-the-class rating of 4.5, 20 of which have been reviewed more than 300 times. (Five -- Maya Island Air, Cem Air, First Air, Kish Air and Next Jet -- have maintained a full 5.0 rating, but with only 22 reviews between them). Here are those top 20 most-loved airlines on TripAdvisor, with the biggest number of cheerleaders worldwide. MORE: Had a bad flight? You can now tell the world on TripAdvisor1. LATAMAbout: South American airline, formed from merger of Tam Airlines and Lan Airlines. The reviewers say: "Best airline to fly to Brazil," declares IsabellasTrips from New York. "Great onboard entertainment, very nice staff, good food and drinks."Lucas from Rio de Janeiro and Florencelage were both disappointed by the seat recline, while Brissy2 from Brisbane complains of only being offered a "ham and cheese roll" on a four-hour flight. Ranked best for: Customer Service, Cleanliness, Check-In and BoardingReviews so far: 3,317 MORE: LATAM Airlines: Surging ahead in a recession? 2. EmiratesEmirates: "A totally pleasant experience," says Susan S. About: Dubai-based international airline recently named the world's best airline by Skytrax. The reviewers say: "I call it Awesome Airlines!," enthuses Frequentflyer005 from Chandigarh, India, while ZA_World from Johanneseburg says it offers "unsurpassed price, service and luxury." Fred Z from Texas concludes: "Food was great. Seat was very good. The choice of Movies and TV shows is unbelievable and the Wi-Fi service is great."Ranked best for: Customer Service, Cleanliness, Food and Beverage, Check-In and Boarding, In-Flight Entertainment (Wi-Fi, TV, Movies). Reviews so far: 2,9493. Azul Brazilian AirlinesAbout: Brazilian carrier named 2016's best low-cost airline in South America by Skytrax and third-most punctual airline of 2016 by OAG. The reviewers say: Tak009 from North Carolina commends the "excellent staff support for canceled flight" wh


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