Think Charter For a Cheap Flight to Brazil

Bagging a cheap Brazil flight is not too difficult if you follow a couple of these guidelines.

If you're only going for a week or two a great way to get a cheap Brazil flight is by looking at charter flights. Brazil has become a popular destination and what usually happens when a country or specific city becomes popular the charter companies move in (often to the annoyance of scheduled carriers).

The charter plane is more often than not taking vacationers to a beach resort or such-like. The passengers have paid for a vacation, but you only want the flight, right? The good news is charter companies hate empty seats and they often sell vacant seats for massive discounts.

I have in fact used a charter flight to Brazil and it only cost me $450 for a round trip. I was only going one-way, but still purchased the ticket as it was worth forfeiting the return flight (since then I have discovered an even cheaper way, but more on that later). The message then, is clear, when you are thinking of looking for a cheap Brazil flight, think charter, as it is a real opportunity to buy discounted tickets.

Here are some of the airports in Brazil which have regular charters from the USA and Europe (the airport code is in brackets).

Of course, Rio de Janeiro (GIG), but places on these flights are snapped up quickly, don't dawdle.

Other airports to consider; Salvador (SSA), Florianopolis (FLN,) Joao Pessoa (JPA), Natal (NAT) , Recife (REC), Fortaleza (FOR).

Source by Jimbo Thomas

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