This website lets you book private jet rides that are cheaper than some commercial flights

A newly launched comparison site lets users search for and book private jet flights at a relatively low cost — sometimes cheaper than the cost of a commercial flight.

Stratajet bills itself as “the world’s first online private jet marketplace,” using technology to pull up real-time prices and availability for aircraft, much like Skyscanner or Expedia except for private jets.

Though it’s not the only private jet booking website online, it’s the first to let users book without waiting for a quote, and to redirect lower cost empty leg flights to meet travellers’ demands.

Founded by trained pilot Jonny Nicol, the London-based company officially launched on April 22, though it’s been five years in the making.

“It took us two years to work out what the algorithms were and build them, then it took us another two years to make them run fast enough,” Nicol said in a press release of the technology the company has developed. “Stratajet now does all those calculations in 10


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