Thomas Cook Boeing 757-28A | Skiathos to London Gatwick *Full Flight*

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An absolutely fantastic flight back home after an incredible weeks stay on the beautiful island of Skiathos. Very chatty flight, lots of communication from the crew & pilots made it very enjoyable for all! You can hear the captain say about our departure and "we'll try not to blow everyone away!" An extremely powerful, standard departure for Skiathos. After rotation some absolutely breath-taking views over the island then further into the flight some amazing views all the way over Europe. Below I'll list the timings for things to look & listen out for! 🙂

00:59 - Quick look around the inside of the newly refurbed 757
02:05 - Captain Talking about our departure! Listen out for "We'll try not to blow everyone away when we put take off thrust on." 😛 Haha
08:06 - A few people waving as we back track
08:35 - Take Off *Turn it up!*
09:30 - Beautiful views of the island!
14:40 - Aegean Coastline views of Mainland Greece
18:06 - Tivat, Montenegro
19:05 - Dubrovnik, Croatia. Airport & City
20:42 - Split, Croatia
21:10 - Towering Cumulus clouds, looking very stormy
22:49 - Zadar Airport, Croatia
24:06 - Stunning views over Venice & announcement to look for it
26:49 - Paris CDG airport visible in the distance
27:40 - Germanwings A319 passing underneath
28:48 - Northern French coastline
29:20 - Lots of ships in the channel
30:28 - British, Kent coast
35:07 - Perfect lighting, makes for great views & perfect approach
42:42 - Qatar Amiri A340-200 parked up & great announcement from crew and round of applause from everyone 🙂
44:55 - Few pictures from the flight deck.

Aircraft: Boeing 757-28A
Engine Type: Rolls Royce RB211's
Reg.: G-FCLI
Flight No.: TCX1143
Cruising Alt: 36,000ft (FL360)
Date: 16th July 2014
Seat: 7A
Departure Time: 14:55 (Actual 15:05 + 2 hours UK time)
Arrival Time: 16:15 (approx.)
Flight Duration: 3 hours 10 mins approx.
Departure Runway: RWY02
Arrival Runway: RWY26L
Route: JSI-LGW

Really great flight, fantastic crew made it very enjoyable, well deserved round of applause upon arrival. Customer service at its best! Well done TCX done a good job with those guys 🙂

Thanks for watching!

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