Thomson Airways Boeing 757-200 | Gatwick to Skiathos | Takeoff and Landing – TOM4558

(G-OOBH) 22/05/15 Boeing 757-236, fantastic takeoff from 26L at Gatwick with amazing RB211 engine sound. A flight video including the taxi, takeoff, approach and landing of TOM4558 to Skiathos Airport.
On board one of Thomson Airway's amazing looking Boeing 757's for a 3 hour flight to Skiathos in Greece. A fantastic flight it was indeed, there was quite a few new experiences I faced on this flight besides it being my first time to the wonderful Greek island of Skiathos. We were slightly delayed boarding the aircraft at stand 50 and therefore missed our scheduled landing spot, where the airport only has 2 commercial stands, although they have started to build a new extension to the apron which is visible upon landing into Skiathos. That is due to be completed next year. We were pushed back from stand 50 to 41 which is a remote stand whilst we waited for the slot to become available. The first officer took the departure from London Gatwick and used high bursts of thrust to get us taxiing to the runway. On takeoff we used the highest derate of trust in the 757 (58C) and used a fair amount of runway with awesome RB211 buzzsaw. After departure we maintained the 6000ft transition and began the right hand turn to follow the Dover departure (DVR8M) You can here the auto-throttle constantly outputting different levels of thrust to maintain 250 knots until we were cleared to a higher altitude and the thrust increased to climb power. As we continued to climb you can see Manston Airport which is now disused commercially and for military purposes. It actually has one of the longest runways in the UK!

Our routing took us from the east coast of the UK across to Belgium into Germany. Just South of Frankfurt we made a wide right hand turn which directed us over Austria and then over Venice, Italy. Unfortunately it was very overcast as we entered the Adriatic sea which meant that we could not see Croatia, Albania etc. Our descent began just before Thessaloniki just over Macedonia. Along the way there wasn't really any significant turbulence but every now and then it would get a little bit bumpy. We cruised at 37,000ft before descent which routed us to the Island of Skopelos for the visual approach for runway 02. As he extended the flaps, the gear was extended at 4000ft which is when he also disconnected the autopliot to complete the visual approach. Stunning views of Skiathos and Skiathos Town as we were on finals. A fantastic touchdown into Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport, exactly on the touchdown markers whch allowed us to make a steady deceleration. Before we pulled up on stand we were held to allow the Enter Air to vacate the stand. Overall, a brilliant flight with Thomson, nothing to complain about really and nice legroom, better than expected. Row 7 really gave me a great view of the wing and engine!
London Gatwick to Skiathos (Alexandros Papadiamantis)
Boeing 757-236(WL)
Seat 7A
2x Rolls-Royce RB211-535E4
Flight time- 3 Hours 10 mins
Departure Time- 1.00PM
Arrival Time- 6.10PM Local time +2hours
Departure Runway- 26L
Arrival Runway- 02
Thanks very much for watching, I hope to get lots of footage from the threshold of 02 during the week and will have that uploaded eventually.
For some extra pics, please take a look at my social media pages including Instagram (@cavgeek) where you will find pictures of the aircraft from the inside, outside and flightdeck!

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