Thomson Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner | London Gatwick to Barbados, Premium Club! *Full Flight*

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On-board a Thomson Airways charter flight, operating on behalf of P&O cruises from London Gatwick to Bridgetown Barbados. The flight was purely for cruise passengers in transit through Barbados, the mini buses took us from the bottom of the stairs at the aircraft straight to the harbour where we done immigration in the port. A great flight in premium! Was a bit apprehensive as to what the service would be like on a “leisure” airline but was rather impressed! Lots of room, very comfy seats, lots of little extras and non stop food & drink. Which is always a good thing! 😉 Shame about the weather during landing in Barbados, is truly one of my favourite islands so was a shame to arrive in the rain. But having said that, its the tropics for you. Heavy thundery downpours are to be expected at any time of year. The weather cleared up once we’d set sail so not the worry my cruise around the island was incredible and the islands are absolutely beautiful. Caribbean is a MUST if you’ve not been to any of the islands 🙂

Airline: Thomson Airways
Flight Number: TOM034
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
Reg: G-TUIE “Miles Of Smiles”
Engine Type: GEnx
Seat: 3A, Premium Club
Departure Time: 09:45
Date: Friday 21st November 2014
Departure Runway: RWY08R
Arrival Runway: RWY09
Max. Cruising Alt: 43,000ft (FL430)
Flight Duration: 8 Hours 30mins (approx.)
Route: LGW-BGI

01:13 – Captains very entertaining announcement
02:43 – Pushback & Engine Start
11:20 – Take Off
31:45 – Storm Avoiding & Turbulence at 43,000ft
41:45 – The Atlantic Coast of Barbados taking a battering in the stormy weather!
48:03 – Our Ship, awaiting in Bridgetown Port for us
49:00 – Views of the south coast & approach for RWY09
51:00 – Landing
54:42 – Quick look in the flight deck! (Very friendly crew!)
55:30 – Disembarkation

Great crew! Captain was out chatting to me in the galley for a while in the cruise and then invited me up for a look around once we’d arrived. Lovely aircraft, one of Thomson’s newest Dreamliners, only delivered on July 1st 2014.

Thanks for watching!


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