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SkyPoint Climb is a must-do Gold Coast adventure lasting 90 minutes from beginning to end and featuring an awe-inspiring, open air adventure atop one of Queensland’s most recognised land marks – the iconic Q1 Tower. Rising 270 metres into the air, SkyPoint Climb is Australia’s highest external building climb and provides unparalleled views of the beautiful Gold Coast and Gold Coast Hinterland.

The adventure begins with a safety briefing at SkyPoint Climb Mission Control (ground floor) before you are fitted with a protective suit and a world class, purpose built safety system featuring a full body harness and fall-arrest device to keep you safe. You’ll then make your way to the launch platform on level 77 via SkyPoint’s high speed elevator where you’ll enter a fully enclosed glass airlock which will be your gateway to outside the building. After one last safety check, you’ll step outside and up a short step ladder that will position you 240 meters above street level and ready to tackle the summit!

The peak of the Climb is approximately 50metres from here and up a purpose built stairway. Harnessed to a purpose-built safety rail system, you’ll be escorted up the walkway and enjoy unparalleled views of the Gold Coast as our expert Climb Leader points out the city’s geographical, historical and cultural landmarks. Once you reach the peak, 270 meters above sea level, Climbers will have the opportunity to soak in the 360 degree views and enjoy this truly unique vantage point. After a few group and individual photos and the opportunity to speak with our Climb leader, it will then be time to make the journey back down to terra-firma


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