Tip Of The Day – Stop And Smell The Roses

Do you ever find yourself working all day without a break?

Do you ever feel like you are missing a lot of your life because you just spend all your time on you computer?

It's time to Stop And Smell The Roses!

I often find myself spending way too much time working on my computer and not enough time with my family and enjoying all the little important things in life.

After all isn't the reason we want to earn an income online so that we can work less hours and spend more time with our families. So it really is important to make sure that you do because it really doesn't take long before you realise that a year has gone by and you feel like you haven't done too much with your family.

Last year we took six months off and travelled around Australia. Well, half of Australia, we started where we live in Adelaide and went up the centre of Australia up to Darwin stopping at Ayers Rock and Alice Springs on the way. We spent a couple of months in Darwin and then headed over to North Queensland where we spent about 10 weeks in Cairns and then headed down the East coast before coming back to Adelaide.

Anyway what has all this got to do with 'stopping to smell the roses'? When we were away we didn't have anyone stay in our house but our neighbour, my Mum and my husbands parents all kept an eye on the place. Every time we spoke to them on the phone or received emails they would always rave on about how nice our roses are looking. We have a pathway that goes through the centre of our front garden and it is lined on both sides with red standard roses (Sir Donald Bradman Rose - that is one of our roses in the picture). We constantly heard about how our roses were in full bloom and have never looked so good. Of course when we come home my Mum had pruned all the roses so there were none for us too see.

We have been home for about seven weeks now and yesterday I noticed a rose and today there are three. Our roses are starting to bloom again and they look lovely. On the way home this morning after taking the kids to school I walked right past the roses and got to the front door and I stopped and turned around. That's when I thought, I really never take time to really stop and smell the roses. So I went back and I did and they smell beautiful.

I know the saying is not necessarily to literally smell roses but to just take the time and do the little special things in life is so important. And if you do have roses, make sure you do smell them every now and then.

You will be amazed at how much more you will achieve with your work when you come back to it after taking a little break and getting away from it for a while. So don't get too wrapped up in your internet marketing and always take the time to smell the roses.

Source by Sheryl L Polomka

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