Tips For Getting The Best Flight Prices

Here are some ideas and tips on how to save money on your flights.

Are you flexible on your flying dates? If you are this can give you more options on your airline tickets fares. Traveling on weekdays is usually cheaper than flying on weekends. Additionally early morning, late night or red eye flights are usually cheaper than flying during the day.

The time of year when traveling can make a difference. Prices are usually cheaper in the low seasons when most people are not traveling. The high seasons are usually holidays periods, like Christmas, Easter, US Thanksgiving, Spring Break and the summer when kids are on holiday. These periods tend to incur higher prices and are best booked well in advance.

For instance traveling to Europe in the spring or the fall, is usually much cheaper than during the summer when many people head that way.

There are many flight search options online, but a Travel Agent has the resources that are not necessarily available to the public and can save you a lot of time looking for the best fare when they have this readily available at their fingertips.

If you plan on traveling regularly it is advantageous to enroll in a flight program that offers you points for every mile traveled. These can be useful for upgrades and for free flights once you have enough collected points. Depending on the program many offer points for other services as well as flights and these can add up nicely to give you free flights or gifts down the road.

If you have to travel in the high season it is best to book as far as possible in advance. This way you will get the best possible price and in most cases the best possible seating options. The closer it gets to flying time the price usually gets higher as there are fewer and fewer seats available.

If you need extra leg room many of the airlines now allow you book your seats in advance in order for you to choose your preferred seats. They do charge a fee for this depending on the type of fare purchased and the exit aisles usually incur a higher fee. If you check in and obtain your boarding passes online within the 24 hour period you can choose your seats at the same time at no cost.

All in all when booking flights, book through an agent, if possible be flexible with your times, book early if flying in the high season, and enroll in a flight mileage program to collect miles for future free flights.

Weather conditions, flight cancellations, missed connections can be a real hassle to resolve - booking online can have its disadvantages if these happenings occur as it is almost impossible to get hold of a real person to talk to. This in one of the advantages of having a travel agent. Call your agent to deal with these problem issues for you. It costs no extra to use an agent, but it has its definite advantages.

Source by Avril Betts

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