Tips on Flying Remote Control Helicopters

Flying remote control helicopters is actually harder than it looks. But the good news is, necessary skills can be learned with a little bit of patience and a lot of practice. The following tips are intended to help one in preparing to become a pilot of remote control helicopters.

1. Practice with a simulator first to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of RC flight. While a simulator is not the same as flying an actual helicopter, it can still get you acquainted to controlling remote control helicopters. In addition, a simulator will help you develop the needed reflexes.

2. Seek help from an instructor or experienced flyer. Newbies are very unlikely to set up their helicopter correctly by themselves. Remote control helicopters that have been properly set up perform better. Also, with an instructor by your side, you will have someone to answer your questions. He or she may give you tips and point out your mistakes as well.

3. Take baby steps. It is best to learn slowly but surely. If you take a big step when you are not ready, you may crash your helicopter. Crashing may cause you to lose your motivation and confidence. It will also cost you money. So make sure that you have learned a step thoroughly before you proceed.

4. Learn about the basic theory of helicopter dynamics; this will help you understand things better. Remember that a helicopter is different from a plane.

5. Try to pick a large grassy area when flying remote control helicopters. An area with a lot of dirt or rocks may damage your helicopter in case of a crash. If dirt and rocks enter through the carburetor, the engine won't be able to "digest" them as easily as grass.

6. Practice doing small hops up to 6 inches. Pay attention to how your helicopter is trimmed.

7. Practice hovering from 6 inches to a foot. Gusts of wind will make your helicopter climb fast. In this case, don't slam it into the ground, but slowly lower the collective and gradually bring it back down.

Source by Riz S Davis

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