Top 10 Places to Go in Australia

So, your planning a trip to Australia! Fantastic! You won't be disappointed. But where to start when it comes to planning a trip of a lifetime?

Firstly, remember that Australia is bigger than all of Europe or the US. That means what might look to be a small distance on the map, could take you a whole day to get to. Planning is therefore critical.

Here are the top 10 places to go in Australia. Some are on the classic tourist trail, others are hidden gems, known only by the locals

1) Sydney

You can't come to Oz and not see Sydney. There is nothing better than standing on the harbour looking at the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. But there's more to Sydney than the icons. Visit the markets, see the flying foxes in the domain, enjoy breakfast out and blend in with the locals, and don't forget to hit the beaches. Bondi is obviously world famous but the walk from Bondi to Coogee will blow you away.

2) The Great Barrier Reef

Discover a whole new world! This is an amazing experience and everyone should partake in a spot of snorkelling, or better still learn to dive. Enjoy swimming amongst the fish and beautiful coral and then chill out in Port Douglas or Palm Cove

3) Melbourne

Another city but a total contrast to Sydney. Enjoy the cafe culture, food and bars. Take a stroll down the Yarra and shop til you drop with designer boutiques to factory outlet bargains.

4) Ayers Rock and the Red Centre

The rock has to be done. Whilst its an expensive trip with only Qantas flying there, it's a must do. The best way to do this part of your trip is to fly into Alice Springs and then take the 4 wheel drive trail to Ayers Rock, stopping off at Kings Canyon. Some would argue that the Canyon is even more impressive than the rock.

5) Discover the Kimberleys

The top Western part of Australia is probably the most unspoiled area you can visit. If you loved the scenery from the movie "Australia" then this is the place for you. It's breathtakingly beautiful and you can stay on cattle ranches to get a true flavour of Aussie life in the outback.

6) An East Coast Road Trip

Hire a campervan or a car and enjoy one of the worlds most stunning coastlines. Noosa to Melbourne would be a good trip. Allow at least 3 weeks but you could spend a few months! There are just too many places to mention here for stop offs, but there is something to please everyone.

7) Fraser Island

If you are looking for something different and a real adventure that Fraser is a must. It's an island made entirely of sand and you get to ride in your 4 wheel drive right along the beach. You can even camp under the stars on the beach.

8) Kangaroo Island

This is a walking zoo. If you want to see Aussie animals in their natural habitat, then get yourself to Kangaroo Island (not far from Adelaide.) Of course there are lots of Kangaroos, but there are also Koalas in the trees, Seals on the beach, penguins and platypus.

9) The Whitsundays

Not the cheapest of destinations but well worth the trip. These islands are beautiful and this is the place for you if you are dreaming of beach holiday with pristine beaches. Better still, hire a boat and a skipper to take you sailing through this paradise.

10) Tasmania

Sadly missed by many tourists due to it being an island off the mainland. Tazzie offers stunning views, fabulous walks, mountainous terraine and tranquil beauty. The food and wine here are also formidable.

There really is something to suit everyone here in Sunny Australia.

Source by Jennifer Schillington

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