First Navy Top10 !!! Today we have the Aircraft Carriers!
This is my best carriers in the world list 🙂 We will find all the carriers delivered / built near 2015.Like my others top10,the ranking is made by specs given from official military and builder websites (like dimensions,displacement,aircraft used and number of them,range and so on)

***** The Nimitz Class (with all the US carriers) was included in the first spot so to have 1 ship for each country.....the US Carriers deserves all the first spot......If I would put all the nimitz class ships the list would be fulfilled only with them and become an US TOP10 Carriers,not a WORLD TOP10 Carriers lol For that reason you will find only the latest US carrier as representative ship *****

***** For the Nimitz can see some seconds of it in the number one spot 😉 ******

***** The images of the video are only demonstrative *****

***** Quick link for each carrier *****

-Queen Elizabeth:
-Chakri Naruebet:
-Admiral Kuznetsov:
-Charles de Gaulle:
-Gerald R Ford:
-Juan Carlos I:
-Sao Paulo:


***** Websites usually used for the specs *****

***** Music Titles: *****

02 : The Race is on
05 : Metal Factory
08 : Invincible Pravda
09 : Mad Technology
10 : Mashem

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