Top 5 Most Bizarre Aircraft Ever

Top 5 Most Bizarre Aircraft. These aircraft are the most bizarre in the world ever. They are strange and weird planes that were mostly unsuccessful. Surprisingly no serious crashes have taken place with these!

5. Vought V-173

Dubbed "The Flying Flapjack" thanks to its strange design, the Vought V-173 was commissioned in 1942 by the U.S Navy. The idea was that the flying flapjack would have the ability for a vertical landing and takeoff, and while it accomplished that and proved easy to handle, it was generally in low demand. The last V-173 flight was in 1947 but the plane is often on display in various museums.

4. Goodyear's Rubber Plane

In 1956 Goodyear built an experimental plane for the U.S Army, known as "inflatoplane". As its name suggested, Goodyear's plane could be inflated and deflated! The goal was for it to be used on rescue missions and dropped in a 44-foot box behind enemy lines. The surface of the plane would somehow expand when exposed to air. Eventually, the Army cancelled the project saying there was no "valid military use for an aircraft that could be brought down by a well-aimed bow and arrow." A fair enough point...

3. Convair XFY Pogo

The Convair Pogo was meant to be a fighter craft with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. The Navy hoped they would be able to takeoff from warships but only three were built and only one of those was even flown. The really strange thing about this aircraft was that it took off nose first, almost as if it were a rocket! The Pogo proved hard to maneuver and after a series of test flights with varying degrees of success, the project was finally cancelled in 1956.

2. X-15 Rocket Plane

Designed by aviation pioneers McDonnel Douglas, the X-15 was a breakthrough creation. It looked pretty bizarre, with a body 51 feet long and tiny 9-foot wings, but the rocket plane could travel significantly faster than the speed of sound and reached altitudes of over 50 miles! In fact, it technically reached outer space. As of 2015, the X-15 holds the official world record for the highest speed ever reached by a manned, powered aircraft at 4520 miles per hour.

1. The Transaereo Noviplano

Part house, part boat, but mainly a plane, the Caproni Ca.60 Noviplano was equipped with nine wings, eight engines and three sets of triple wings. It was designed by Gianni Caproni in 1921 to be a passenger airliner that could double as a boat when needed. The first Noviplano was named the Transaereo and it actually proved able to fly during a test flight! Unfortunately, it crashed during a second test flight and though Caproni vowed to rebuild, the project was canceled due the enormous costs.

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