Top Reasons Regional Charter Flights Make Sense

 Flying regional charter flights make great sense for a wide variety of travelers. When chartering a regional aircraft there is no need to deal with commercial airport hassles and long security lines.  Also, there is an added benefit that general aviation charter flights can fly into thousands of airports where most commercial jets are limited to a select few.

More destination choices

General aviation aircraft can fly into locations that are too small for many jets. This is because the runways are simply too short.  There are 500 airports designed specifically for commercial general aviation flights in the US alone, with about 5000 available airports in the US and Canada combined.  This gives travelers great freedom in choosing destinations.

Regional charter flights using general aviation aircraft makes flying faster in many cases.  With prop or twin prop airplanes; there is no requirement to fly in the jet lanes with jets.  These planes can fly lower making flying between destinations of less than 250 miles apart faster about 70% of the time.

Flying lower and out of the jet lanes makes for a quieter ride, which is an additional perk for the passengers.

No long lines or travel delays

Flying on commercial flights is crowded and impersonal. You are one of thousands of people moving through an airport to your overbooked flight.  Air charter flights are very different.  The flight is scheduled for you and your needs. If you have special food or drink requests the charter company will see that your needs are met to make your flight as comfortable as possible.

Easy, flexible air charter booking

When you schedule an air charter flight the cost is not determined by an individual ticket, rather by the type of aircraft. You hire the entire plane and the number of passengers does not play a part in the price of your flight.  Prices do not fluctuate day to day as they do with commercial flights.  Once you book your flight your price is locked in. In addition, you can bring up to 6 more passengers with you without seeing an increase in price.

You can schedule an air charter flight with little notice.  Usually only a few hours is needed to secure your aircraft and schedule your flight.  This is great for business travelers who may need to quickly take advantage of a business deal or have urgent meetings to attend.

Regional flights vs. car travel?

Regional air charter flights are incredibly convenient, especially when compared to taking the same trip via car.  Trips that are several hours of driving time can be completed in an hour or so.  In areas where winter weather is a factor a flight is safe and quick, and you don't have to content with icy, snowy roads. 

Source by Erin Weir

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