Top Seven Tips to Buy Cheap Airline Tickets

Everybody's always looking for cheap airline tickets, but the question should be where and how does one get cheap airline tickets. The real trick is how to get your them. This question is answered below.

1. Auctions can be a very tricky place to purchase airline tickets. But if you understand how everything works. You can actually pick up cheap airline tickets at a price that you are willing to pay. If you have ever worked with eBay then you will understand how an auction system works. They are not too many sites that offer this option.

2. Specials are on offer for a short period of time either from the travel agent or airline company directly or online resellers. There is no secret way to finding out the special but to browse every magazine, newspaper and online newsletter out there.

3. Student/Pensioner Discount is not so widely promoted so if you fall into any of these categories I suggest asking for the discount when booking your flight.

4. Booking Fees are charged by most retailers to try and find ones that do not charge any booking fees. As this will make your ticket even cheaper.

5. Different destination is a difficult one to try and achieve try and choose smaller airports to land at or depart from. As this will make the airline ticket price cheaper and will make it more attractive for you. For example, instead of landing at John F Kennedy airport in New York try landing at LaGuardia airport in New York. This will save you some bucks, but only if it is practical.

6. Flight Time and Date is an important decision to make as this will affect your ticket price at the end of the day. If you fly during the week and at odd hours, you will tend to save money. But if you leave on a weekend during peak time, be prepared to pay a high price that if you can be flexible with your time then I suggest you take the odd times.

7. Flight Search needs to be done. 21 days prior to your departure date if you can book way in advance, maybe up to 3 months ahead this will save you some money. If you wish to travel during a specific holiday time example Christmas, make sure you book way in advance to get the best price on ticket. (6 to 8 months to be exact)

All these points I mentioned above will help you get a cheaper ticket but, you will need to make use of the Internet. As this is the only way you can compare immediate offers online. I also suggest that you have a pen and paper nearby and right down the different prices from the different websites do not purchase the first offering, you see, as I promise you will find a better deal if you keep on searching.

Source by Luis JJ Teixeira

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