Transavia France Boeing 737-8K2 | London Luton to Paris Orly *Full Flight*

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New Route. New Airline. New Aircraft.
Transavia France has been offering flights from London Luton to Paris Orly since April 22nd, so only one week prior to this so still a new airline at Luton. With return fares from £50 I decided to give them a go! Little to my knowledge at the time this aircraft was only one month old too. Its first flight was on March 21st this year! (2016). So a brand newly furbished and painted aircraft. However all was wasn't going to plan, French air traffic control strike meant the aircraft had arrived around 20mins late so boarding commenced at around our departure time of 8am. Once boarding was complete, we were just about set until the crew did a headcount. The crews headcount didn't match that of the ground staff. So the paperwork wasn't matching with the number of passengers onboard. The crew then did several more head counts each, before ground staff boarded the aircraft and asked for everyone to present their boarding passes again. Eventually after 2 hours the problem was solved, a new passenger list had been printed and we were on our way! Taking off 2 hours and 22mins behind scheduled. A beautiful day for flying, fairly clear skies across southern England so some fantastic views of various towns along the way and Stansted Airport. Because of the French Air Traffic Control strike we had to take quite unusual routing. We proceeded south east and into Belgium airspace until we were about level with Paris before making a turn to the right and heading directly towards Paris Orly airport. Lots of cloud surfing during the descent, some great shots as we go in and out of the dense cloud formations before our approach and landing on RWY26 at Paris Orly. Despite the delay quite a nice flight and aircraft. But our problems were far from over as our return flight was cancelled later that evening. Look out for a video on that.

Flight Number: TO3641
Aircraft: Boeing 737-8K2
Registration: F-HTVC (One month old!)
Seat: 8A
Engine Type: CFM56-7B24
Departure Time: 08:00 (actual 10:22)
Arrival Time: 09:05 (actual 11:25)
Date: 28th April 2016
Cruising Alt: 23,000ft (FL230)
Departure Runway: RWY26
Arrival Runway: RWY26
Route: LTN-ORY

A beautiful day for flying weather wise, but problematic due to the French Air Traffic Control strike.

Look out for the return flight video, coming very soon.

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