Travel Destination Thursday, Austria is cheap to fly to, cheap to stay in, and full of adventure.

Wow, I've been in the Alps in three different countries, so call me bias, but Austria has to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

For one, it's not too expensive to fly to from several places in the United States. Remember to look for cheap flights, using google flights, starting 10 to 3 weeks before you want to travel, the sweetspot being 5 to 6 weeks out, but honestly, find a price that's within your budget and purchase the ticket when it hits that. Easy.

Hostels are not expensive at all, remember to try and find one with 24 hour reception, that way you don't get into a world of hurt if your flights delayed and you can't check in. Also, don't book through, unless you want to support them, go direct. It's almost always cheaper to book directly.

AirBnbs are an alternative, can be very inexpensive, and have the luxury of a private room.

There's so much to do in Austria, I can't even type it all out without running out of room. I promise you this much, you're going to have a unique and fun experience. Isn't that what traveling is about, the adventure, the stories you will get to tell. Austria can definitely be traveled to on any budget, whether your launching point is in the United States or Europe.

Love you guys, see you next week.

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