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Hi ! Do you dream to travel ? Do you think that traveling is a luxury that you cannot afford ?

Just sit down and relax, because you CAN achieve your dream and travel. We have some good advice, tips and tricks for you !
Traveling have been our passion for the last 23 years and we have already visited 45 countries on several continents.

So, if we travel oftentimes without ruining ourselves, why couldn’t you do the same?

My name is Olivier Rebière and together with Cristina, my wife, we have been traveling worldwide since we met, back in 1990, a year after the romanian Revolution.

Do you think that traveling is a luxury or a dream beyond your reach ? I can assure you that it is not the case.
I will show you in this course that you can travel at any age and at any level of income.
I haven’t thought 25 years ago that we were going to visit so many countries, but if you make wise plans and use good tips to minimise your expenses, and together with a lot of determination, you can visit, like us, 45 countries.

Traveling can change your life, you’ll see by yourself!

Here are the skills you are going to gain during this training:
Change your life by traveling
Find dream destinations
Choose the right traveling period
Find cheap flights
Find accomodation at a moderate price
Save on the travel expenses
Find out some useful tips in order to travel without ruining yourself

This course is for you IF:
You want to travel
You dream to discover new countries, cultures and different people
You think that traveling is only for rich people - well it is NOT
You wish to spend less money on your travel journeys
You want to go on some dream journeys but you think it’s too expensive

Well, that is all the skills you are going to gain during this course which, I hope, will give you the taste of traveling if you do not already have it !
All right then ! What about taking off? Buckle up and come with me and “bon voyage” !


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