Travel Tips: How To Find Cheap Flights

Here’s 7 ways to find cheap flights!
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1. Head to
This is my favorite search engine because you can search by CHEAPEST MONTH to EVERYWHERE (flexible) and it’ll give you a list of places to visit for the lowest price possible. Its chart & graph comparison tool of the cheapest month and dates is another plus!

2. Sign up for travel alerts does a fantastic job sending you the greatest flight deals when they appear.

3. Get a travel credit card
I use Chase Sapphire, which gives you 50,000 points after spending $3000 in the first three months. Keep in mind the bonus points sometimes drops. It’s 2x points when you use the card on dining and travel (including Uber, train, taxis, etc.) If you’re looking into it, drop a comment below and I’ll refer you :)!

4. Fly local
There can be a huge difference flying to a local airport rather than an international one. Always check the price of flying to a local airport. But remember to calculate in the price of transportation from a local airport to your hotel. Another way to consider is flying to a bigger airport, then connecting to a small local airline. For example Southwest in US, or EasyJet in Europe.

5. Give up your seat for travel vouchers
If you’re waiting for a plane and you get a chance to exchange your seat for a travel voucher and a seat at a later flight, take it! Only if you’re not in a rush of course 😉 These vouchers can go up to $200-$300 each. That’s a free roundtrip to Hawaii.

6. Sign up to an airline’s newsletter
Sign up to an airline’s newsletter, they will have flash deals and coupons sent to their subscribes. Best if they are national airlines. For example, Air New Zealand if you’re going to New Zealand.

7. Throwaway ticketing
Using, find flights to a less popular destination that has a layover at a city you want to go. Once you arrive at the layover city, exit the airport! This only works if you buy one-way and don’t check any bags.

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