Traxxas Aton Flight Demo + Speed Runs and Funnels!

This is my second flight of this flying beast actually, and I must say that this is a very nice sports quad! It so far, seems to be well
thought out and implemented as far as function and safety goes
with a big plus that they made the arm procedure dependant on a button which does not execute unless throttle stick is at lowest point. So now, it seems all but impossible to mistakenly turn this
heavy aircraft's motors off in mid flight. It's not perfect though.
This aircraft seems to need adjustments to PIDs to fix instability in sudden fast yaw inputs. It wobbles a lot and I think it's because of how heavy this bird is! Be very very very careful with this one as with its power and speed combined with its weight,
the momentum from this one, i could easily see severely damaging property and seriously hurting or even killing someone
thru careless mistake or accident! No beginner on this one and intermediate flyers be careful!


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