Triple Paramotor Air Trike Powered Paragliding Extreme Fun And Adventure The Flat Top Way!!

800-707-2525 paramotor powered paragliding trike gives a capability you just don't get from any other aircraft. Adding the trike is like adding a trailer. It gives you the ability to carry extra fuel and gear. It also gives the ability to fly smaller & faster wings with zero effort to launch. Plus in no wind or light wing the trike allows you to launch any direction you want to launch instead of just launching directly into the wind. On those days when the wing is switching directions all over you can launch cross wind or even down wind no problem at all.

The Air Trike is the lightest and most portable trike in the world. Plus with caster to the front landing gear it automatically tracks the direction the glider goes where others do the exact opposite. Most trikes have backwards caster like a bicycle. So if the wing pulls left the front wheel wants to shoot off to the right making them extremely unstable. With the Air Trike though it is automatically stable and tracks perfectly with the glider for maximum stability.

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