TWA Flight 800 Remastered Re-creation

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For the last year, I had become very fascinated with the crash of Trans World Airlines Flight 800 which had occurred on July 17th, 1996. Having read the full NTSB report as well as evidence for and against a missile strike or a bomb blast, I had come to the conclusion that the NTSB, FBI and CIA got it right back in 2000; an explosion from the center wing fuel tank was what tore apart the plane.

After making the original video, after some time, I became dissatisfied with it because I felt it was not done to the best of my ability and that it lacked information. So, I acquired better footage, added in more, and put in better and more comprehensive information.

I added in more scenes from Final Destination because the previous video lacked a human element, and as the first Final Destination movie was based on the disaster and the passengers who boarded N93119 on that fateful day, I included them in to not only recreate N93119's last day as an intact functioning aircraft, but also to give viewers an idea of what those passengers' last day and final moments would have most likely been like.

This video therefore seeks to re-create the disaster of TWA 800 step by step using a variety of footage obtained from numerous sources to create a timeline. Of particular fascination to me is what the victims went through. According to two coroners, Dr. Charles Wetli and Dr. Dennis Shanahan, the explosion generated such a huge whiplash, it broke everyone's necks except 19 people who were found with water in their lungs, indicating they had drowned. Whether they were conscious or not, we cannot know for sure, so that part is my own my inclusion, which tries to stay faithful to the coroners' results as well as put forward a hypothetical scenario of what those 19 went through.

On top of that, the streak of light which many witnessed seemingly coming out from the sea was explained as solely as them seeing the crippled plane flying erratically. However, from a few blogs as well as another similar occurrence happening in Southern California, where people mistook a plane's contrails for a missile, it is my belief that the CIA, FBI and NTSB did not fully explore all possibilities and were hasty in looking for answers to a demanding public. I have decided to combine both the NTSB's theory as well as the occurrence on Southern California into one, which would more than suitably explain what witnesses saw in 1996.

This is an High-Definition remaster which both improves video quality, but also changes around how the information was displayed on the screen, to make the viewing experience much better.

NOTE: Here's a link to the James Randi Educational Foundation with actual qualified experts which conclusively debunks all these nonsensical conspiracy theories.


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