UK Flight Departures

The advent of cheap flights and increasing competition has seen the unprecedented growth in UK flight departures.

UK flight departures are seen as the 'hub' airport by many Europeans, who take advantage of the cheap fares and worldwide availability offered by UK travel companies and websites. This growth is further fuelled by the mad scramble for cheap last minute flights and holidays to coincide with school's being 'out' for summer.

Although flight departures from London airports are the most popular, regional airports such as Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff and Manchester have shown a year on year increase in passenger numbers. Cheap flight operators like RyanAir and EasyJet have expanded their operations across these regional airports to reflect this growth in passenger numbers.

The rising costs of fuel have led many regular passenger and travellers to look for departures from regional airports across the UK. This makes perfect sense as regional airports have attracted and offered lucrative rates and incentives to the main players to offer UK wide flight departures.

Tour operators such as Thomas Cook in particular have been operating a widespread regional service for many years now. And cheap flight carriers such as Jet2, BmiBaby, MyTravel and XL Airways have either followed suit or been founded on this basis and have established deep-seated footholds in regions across the country in the process.

In the past airline and tour operators were guilty of an operational bias towards London flight departures by way of cheaper fares for departures from the capitol. Although this bias does still persist, it is getting increasingly less so as the popularity of flight departures across the UK, continues to grow steadily.

Flight bookings online are now 'de rigeur' and as such it is relatively easy to find travel companies offering flight search engines that trawl through local and international flight operators without the necessity of you having to go to each individual site to find the best fares.

Coupled with this fact, organisations such as The Department for Transport has recently approved new security arrangements at a number of airports in the UK. This now means that at these airports the restriction previously imposed limiting hand baggage to one item per person no longer applies. It is always worth checking however, as airlines apply their own operational policies regarding the number of items of hand baggage which may be taken in to the aircraft cabin.

Of course all this growth doesn't come without a lot of misgivings and environmental concerns. The increase in greenhouse gas emissions and the use of green fields for parking thousands of cars with increased traffic on narrow roads and an extra 6 flights per hour on average in regional airports such as Bristol only add to the feeling of disquiet.

There is however, so much controversy and conflict over issues such as the contribution of air travel to climate change and its benefits to the economy that the debate will continue ad infinitum.

In a nutshell, there are 30 UK Airports serving well over 22 million passengers each year and if you are going to travel abroad then it makes perfect sense to use airports nearest to you wherever possible. There is no escaping the fact that UK flight departures across the regions are set to grow at a phenomenal pace for the foreseeable future.

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Source by Dave Logan

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