Ultimate Low Level PARAMOTOR Flying – DJI Inspire 1

Flying extremely close to terrain is one of the most amazing things you can do on a paramotor. No other aircraft allows this type of freedom and safety. Dji Inspire 1 rocked this video. Dji makes some seriously awesome shiz!

We took my DJI Inspire 1 out to follow me as I flew. This sweet perspective really gives you an idea of what it feels like flying. When you're this close to the terrain your reflexes and timing need to be spot on. There's not a lot of room for mistakes but the reward is amazing.

Paramotoring or PPG or powered paragliding, as it is sometimes called, is the ultimate in personal flight! Take to the skies anytime, anywhere. From your backyard, the beach outside of your hotel or a small road in the mountains.

Check out wildlife, visit the tops of mountains (12,000ft is my personal highest peak visited) or just buzz around your home town.

Paramotoring is the closest thing to the dream of personal flight on the planet. Perfect control, safety and performance packed in a package that can fit into your trunk. SERIOUSLY!

Paramotoring is quick and easy to get into. Unlike a pilots license you can be in the air within 6-10 days.

How safe is paramotoring? With the right equipment and instruction Powered paragliding is the safest form of personal flight.

How far can you go? Depends on few factors such as your equipment and environmental conditions but I have personally travelled 100 miles. If you use ridge lift and thermals range an be much greater!

Do you need a license? No licensing, no age limit and no training required.

How do I get started in paramotoring? Find a trainer. Check out paramotoring forms on facebook or I love answering any questions. Just comment. 🙂

What paramotor is the best? My choice is the Flattop Ninja. The Flat Top is designed differently than almost every other paramotor on the market. It makes in more convenient, tough and safe to fly. If you have questions you're welcome to message me.

If you have dreamed of flying, this is truly the sport for you.


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